Take-Home Whitening

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Having a beautiful smile may be easier than you think, and many people achieve the success they are looking for with our custom bleach trays.

Our popular take-home bleaching treatment is safe and effective, with results that can sometimes be seen after just 1 session of wearing the trays for several hours or overnight.

In the event that bleaching does not give us the result we are looking for, your next choice may be to move forward with veneers or other cosmetic treatment, but bleaching is a cost effective and conservative first approach to improving your smile.

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Our professional whitening treatment is safe, quick and easy.

During a brief appointment at our office, an impression of your teeth will be taken to make your specialized trays to hold the bleach against the teeth. In just a few short days (or as soon as the next day) your custom trays and professional bleaching agent will be ready for you to pick up and you will receive instructions for use. In the comfort of your own home, the bleaching material can be used at night while sleeping or for several hours during the day.  The bleaching material will go to work by removing stains in your enamel and lightening your teeth in a very short amount of time.  It will not alter existing tooth structure or existing restorations. When your teeth reach the desired brightness you are looking for, only occasional use is needed to maintain your new smile.

What happens when I run out of the bleaching material?

Our professional whitening treatment plans generally come with an entire year’s supply of the professional whitening agent. Call us at (615) 221-8837 for more information.

What if my teeth become sensitive?

Within just a few applications (or as soon as your first application) you will begin to notice the color of your teeth start to brighten. Some people notice sensitively following treatment, but is only temporary and will go away within 24 hours. Some patients can bleach their teeth overnight 1-3 nights in a row, but some patients find that spacing out the use of the bleaching material to every couple days helps minimize sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity is different for each patient. If you have additional questions after the initial instructions when receiving your new trays, always feel free to call our office at (615) 221-8837.