Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Is there a way to make my dental visit more relaxing?

There can be a fair bit of anxiety when going to the dentist. I mean who can blame you, we use sharp objects are in your face and are spraying things everywhere. Our goal is to make sure we relieve every ounce of anxiety making our dental office feel like home. Dental anxiety affects millions of people, which may make them reluctant to go see a dentist. If this keeps on long enough their smile may be negatively impacted. We want our patient to have a blast every time they come through our door.   You can’t enjoy your beautiful smile unless your teeth are healthy. Our team is here to make you feel as comfortable as you can.

We want to understand your concerns and what causes nervousness for you. If we can talk with you and listen to what causes fear we then can find a solution to accommodate you in a more specific way.

Beyond the care and compassion of our team, read on below about a few things we can do to alleviate your dental anxiety:

Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas that is delivered through a tube to your nose. The calming affects are immediate and only last as long as you are breathing the gas.   Nitrous is extremely effective and safe; it is often used to relax younger children. Nitrous is only a mild sedative and will not put you to sleep; you will be able to communicate with us throughout your entire treatment. It is not recommended for pregnant women or for patients with COPD of any form.

One of our other options to calm and relax your nerves is to prescribe a oral sedative for you to take one hour prior to coming to our office for your procedure. For this method of sedation you will need a driver to transport you to and from our office. This sedation does not put you asleep; you will remain awake and relaxed throughout your treatment.