Custom Sport Mouth Guards

Custom Sport Mouth Guards

Growing up most of our children will play some form of a contact sport.  We support all athletes and believe that it is great for a child’s growth and development. Our practice believes that in doing so they should be well protected.

Who should have a mouth guard?

When we look at the actual definition of a contact sport it actually doesn’t just include football, hockey and boxing.   It includes sports that have inanimate objects that could cause some physical contact like volleyball, softball, baseball and basketball.

Why are mouth guards important?

Growing up Dr. Tomi played collegiate soccer and was fortunate enough to never have any facial injuries or teeth knocked out but he knew dozens of people that did.   He is a big proponent of children and young athletes making sure they are well protected. The force that can be delivered to our face is not only damaging to our teeth but can be even more destructive to our jaws, lips, tongue and cheeks. We strongly recommend that all children playing contact sports be fitted for a custom mouth guard. The American Academy of Dentistry places the same importance on mouth guards in order to prevent Orofacial injuries. Studies have shown that you can decrease your injury potential by nearly 50% by wearing a custom fitted guard. We are proud to be at the forefront of protecting our young athletes in the community.

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Guard our Athletes is a program we have implemented in our community to protect our athletes, create awareness and prevent injuries. We are in the process of partnering with local high schools and other club teams in Williamson County. Please join us in our efforts.
How does my child get a sports guard? Getting a sports guard is very simple. Your first visit at our office will be to get an evaluation and impression of your upper and lower teeth. You can choose from a variety of colors, basically you will be able to custom design how your guard will look. Then, at your second appointment we will make sure your guard properly fits and show you how to use it for optimal protection.  

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