A Brighter You: In-Office Teeth Whitening

Brentwood Family Dentists is pleased to announce we have officially begun providing Opalescence Boost IN OFFICE whitening treatments!

Opalescence Boost uses chemical activation rather than lasers or lights to infiltrate the pores within teeth to breakdown discolored molecules an give you immediate results.  It effectively whitens discoloration caused by: age, food, drink, cigarettes, medication and tooth trauma.  Lets answer some of those frequently asked questions!


How long does In-Office Whitening take? 

After a single 20 minute application of a desensitizing agent, it takes two sessions of 20 minutes to reach the brighter, whiter smile you desire.


Will In-Office Whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

Temporary tooth sensitivity is not uncommon so you may or may not experience it.  If you do have some sensitivity, it will last only a few days before disappearing.  To help avoid any lingering discomfort however, we simply apply a pretreatment desensitizing agent to counteract the foreshadowed sensitivity.


How long will the results from In-Office Whitening last?

Results from whitening can last for several years.  Chemical activation will continue to spread throughout the teeth for 12-24 hours after your in-office whitening treatment is completed.  To prolong results, it is important to follow home care instructions given at your appointment and ask about the Opalescence Take Home Whitening System.


A smile says a lot and is often times the focus of a first impression, so help us create a brighter you by scheduling your appointment now with us at Brentwood Family Dentists!


Photo from Opalescence.com

Contributing editor: Mariah Leaman, RDH

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