Braces Are Used for More Than Just Straightening Teeth?

It is a common fact that braces are used to straighten teeth.

It is also understood that most of the time insurance companies will not cover braces for adults who would like straighter teeth.  Many adults choose not to get their teeth straightened because of finances, but what if they understood that getting braces actually has less to do with getting straight teeth and more to do with many other benefits?

Other Aesthetic and Long-Term Benefits of Straight Teeth

Getting straight teeth is actually a small benefit to having braces.  There are far more systemic advantages.  One of the major advantages to braces is getting the teeth in a more favorable position anatomically.  If the teeth are in proper alignment your ability to keep them clean and decay free is much easier.  When teeth are properly spaced and not crowded there is far less of a chance of having gum disease. Also when your bite is corrected and more comfortable you are able to chew better, talk better and functions with less discomfort.  Correcting the bite allows for the forces to be evenly dispersed causing less wear and pressure on a given area of the mouth.  There is a huge long-term benefit here.  Your teeth are less likely to crack, fracture or break and are more likely to be sustained naturally for a longer period of time without having restorations done.  So as the age old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money, or in this case you spend money to save more money in the long run.  The investment is well worth the benefit.

Moreover, the position of your teeth has a major role in lip support and facial profile.  Have you ever seen a person with a short upper lip, or a tucked in lower lip?  These people are suffering from misalignment.  If their teeth were in the proper position, they would have a more attractive facial profile.   It would give them confidence and self-esteem.  Finally, by putting your teeth in the proper position it relieves unnecessary stress on the jaws and facial musculature.
So as one can see there are many benefits that are far more important to your overall systemic health from braces than just straight teeth.  It is important to weigh these outcomes when deciding on treatment or not.

Did You Know? Some cases can be completed in less than 1 year!

We can offer multiple solutions for adult braces including full Invisalign, express Invisalign and Clear Correct. Invisalign express and Clear Correct are used for minor tooth movement and can be completed in 4-7 months.  The cost is also much more affordable and can be as low as $1000 for treatment (which pales in comparison to $5000-8000).   We encourage you to consider the long-term benefit this could have on your comfort and the longevity of your teeth.  For more information and questions please call us at 615-377-6306.


More questions about the different kinds of braces and how they could affect your smile or lifestyle? Call our office at (615) 377-6306 or send us a message! Consultations are complimentary.

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